Prices as at 1/07/2021. Subject to change without notice.






Boarding:       All Dogs                        $30.00 per day each

                         Cats                               $24.00 per day each

                         All other pets              Please ask for price

No Peak Season Extras

No Minimum Days of Stay

Cancellations or Changes

Administering Medication

No Extra Playtime Charges

Boarding includes: Feeding, Spring Water, Special Treats, Daily Exercise, General Grooming, Cleaning of Bedding & Food Bowls, Pooper Scooping, Kitty Litter, Waste Removal, Cleaning & Disinfecting Kennels & Run Areas, Grounds Maintenance, Care & Supervision.

Weekends or Public Holidays

No Extra Charges For:

Bath Small Dogs

Minor Clip Small Dogs

Full Clip Small Dogs

Bath Large Dogs 

Minor Clip Large Dogs

Full Clip Large Dogs

Badly Matter Coat  - extra

All groomings include: Hydro Bath & Shampoo, Full Body Massage, Flea Rinse, Blow Dry, Coat Deodorise & Condition, Full Comb & Brushing, Trim Nail, Clean Ears, etc.

$  60.00

$  80.00

$  95.00

$  70.00

$  90.00


$  40.00